To be confirmed

4.745m (each lap)

53,87m d+ (each lap)

Saturday 21, 12:00 Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Sunday 22, 12:00 Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya


April 21, 2018 / 4.745m (each lap) / 53.87m d+

24H MADFORM BiCircuit; the endurance race in relays. Do you want to live a different competition? Where the values of friendship, sacrifice, overcoming, but above all family, are well defined. If you feel identify with this, then this is your race.

Live a race surrounded by a familiar and competitive environment at the same place. Amateurs, experienced athletes, cyclists, triathletes, ultradistance; they are all part of this big family party.

This year we will include two new modalities: 12h and 6h. If you think that you are not ready or do not have enough partners to form a team for the 24 hours, but you want to live the same experience, sign up for the 6 hours or the 12 hours and enjoy racing at the same track as the Formula1® and MotoGP™  drivers and riders.

Included with the registration

  • Free water and Isotonic supplies during the race
  • Scoring for the Spanish Cup and World Cup of Ultramarathon
  • Usage of Boxes
  • Massage Service
  • Events for the whole family
  • Finisher diploma
  • Live Timing
  • Prizes for each Category
  • Medical service
  • Free Parking (Section for motorhomes)
  • Access to showers (free)